Writings of Resilience

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Now, I see that my dream only has to break the borders of my own heart. I realize that I cannot let the fear of “too small” or “too tiny” shelter my dreams in a box, but that in dreaming right where I am, I have the ability to see my world a little differently.



Copy Editing


I believe every piece of writing, large or small, is important and should be clear and error-free. You have a message or story to tell, and I want to help you tell it in the most impactful way. I’ll review your social media posts, newsletters, blog posts, etc. to ensure your posts are clear and meaningful in every way.


Business Writing


As a small business, you know how important client relations are. You want to make sure that your business message is clear and inviting, and while you have all of the visual pieces, you are missing the words to go with your design. I can write the words to accompany your business website, blog post, newsletter, or social media post to ensure that your message is clearly portrayed to your clients.


Do you work for a magazine, newspaper, or online community who could use additional material?  I would love to write a piece for you. Contact me about possible topics and ideas!